Shipping within USA and Canada only at this time.

FAQ and Policies

Notes on Shipping (yeah its a lot.......)

As frustrating as it is, please remember that once a package is in the hands of USPS or other shipping carriers, it is under their control and no longer under that of TwoMushrooms.  If you experience any delays, missing packages or the tracking information has not been updated- please contact USPS or your local post office. 

To contact USPS try here-  or visit you local post office (they may be more helpful).

-All shipping rates are set by the shipping carrier.  TwoMushrooms will refund any shipping overages of US$1.00 or more.

-Please be sure your shipping address is correct at checkout.  TwoMushrooms will not assume responsibility for incorrect addresses.

-If package is large, it may be shipped via UPS as oppose to USPS without notification.  This may take additional days en route.

-Please be sure that there is a safe place to leave/deliver packages before ordering.

-TwoMushrooms will not assume responsibility for, or refund for, lost, stolen, or missing packages left on doorsteps.  Please contact your post office if your package does not arrive or is missing.

-All items are shipped with insurance and tracking.  Insurance does not cover packages that go missing once they have been marked as "delivered" via the shipping carrier tracking.  Insurance does cover packages that are lost within the carrier system and have NOT been marked as "delivered." *During busier holiday seasons packages may be marked as delivered when in fact they are still on the truck.  Please wait 1-2 days before contacting the shipping carrier concerning missing packages*  If a package is marked as "delivered" yet after 2 days it is still missing, please contact the shipping carrier or your local post office.

-If a package is returned to TwoMushrooms by the shipping carrier for any reason, the customer is responsible for paying additional shipping fees.  Original shipping fee will not be refunded.  

-Delays are to be expected with all shipping carriers and services (including priority), delivery dates are never guaranteed.  Expect Delays during busier holiday seasons.

-Overseas Customs fees and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. 

-If a package arrives damaged- please take pictures of the shipping box, and any broken items.  Please contact TwoMushrooms via your order confirmation email or the contact form via this website to discuss next steps.

FAQs that Dont Deal with Shipping.....

Everything is sold out, what gives?

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a TwoMushrooms creation!  Please know that every piece is crafted with care and detail, this takes time.  Embroidery is a very time consuming art form.  This is the main reason as to why there are often limited numbers and availability of pieces.  Most often they are one of a kind and so, if the design is popular, it might go quick.  Having an item in your cart does not reserve it, it is only reserved for a few minutes if you are the very first person to add it to your cart.  To keep up to date on upcoming updates and items it is best to follow me on Instagram- @two.mushrooms.  

Missing out can be frustrating, and I thank you for your understanding.  Unfortunately, I am not accepting custom orders or requests at this time.

Why do you stress that I examine all pictures closely?

In most listings you will notice a note requesting that all images and descriptions be examined carefully. This is to ensure that there are no surprises once you receive your item. The internet is a great tool to expose you to art however, keep in mind that you are not seeing pieces in person.  This is a risk everyone takes when ordering art online.  Everything I create is handmade and naturally there may be slight imperfection. In addition many pieces incorporate the use of vintage items including the frames. These items are used because of their old and worn look including stains, scratches and tears. To prevent disappointment I attempt to photograph all of these imperfection and make notes of them in the descriptions. However, sometimes these imperfections can be overlooked.  That is why is so important to be aware of the condition of the elements used in the piece you are purchasing.

Why do you use old stuff anyways?

Long story short, I love vintage items and the hidden stories they tell.  Many of my pieces are inspired by times past and the theme of death and decay.  Thus I feel that incorporating vintage items for their worn looks adds to the piece.  Because many of the vintage elements used as done so for their worn looks, I try my best to photograph them accurately and include a note about their imperfections in the item description.  Again, it is so important to examine all pictures carefully.

Are the back of embroidery hoops open?

Yes, in the majority of cases the backs of hoops are left open. The "messy" back of a hoop is, in a way, like seeing the brush strokes of a painting. It reveals the chaos and work behind the image.

How soon will my order ship?

If your order is not a made to order item, it will most likely ship within 3 days of the order being placed.  Items are not shipped over the weekends.  Meaning, if an order is placed on Friday it will not ship until Monday.

Why are some items made to order?

Made to order items are those in which the original sold but due to high demand more can be made upon request. To allow time for me to create new designs, popular items are made as ordered.  Please note production times in the listings as that does not include time for shipping.

What determines the cost of shipping?

You will be charged the rates set by USPS based on the packages weight and size. Shipping overages of $1 or more will be refunded.  If you are unsure of the shipping cost or would like an estimate on multiple items, please feel free to contact me.

Why was my new piece shipped in another companies box?

I do reuse boxes and shipping materials.  Not only does it save myself and thus the customer a few bucks, but its also better for the environment.  Your items will never be shipped in a beaten up, dirty and worn box.  If your package arrives looking beaten up and worn please take pictures and contact me immediately if the items inside are damaged.

What determines the cost of a piece?

Pricing art is never easy. There are several factors that contribute the pricing of my creations. Those factors include materials used, including elements such as beads and frames. The greatest contributing factor in determining cost is the time it takes to create the piece. Certain designs are "easier" or quicker than others and therefor the price reflects that.

What do I do if I am unhappy with my piece?

It is so important to read the product descriptions and to examine all of the pictures carefully. Especially with pieces using vintage or used elements. If you are unhappy for any reason please contact me. A lot of time and passion goes into each creation and it is important to me that every customer loves their piece. While standard refunds and returns are not accepted, each situation is handled independently and I am always willing to work with you to make it right. However, I do strive to include any and all flaws in a piece in both the listings description and in the photos. If you ever have any concerns or would like to see better pictures, please feel free to contact me.

What if my order arrives broken?

Most of my creations are pretty sturdy however, some may be more prone than others to break.  If you receive a package and the outside packaging looks beaten up please take a picture of it before you open it.  This will help in filing a claim with USPS.  Once opened please take pictures of the broken or damaged items so that I may see what went wrong.  Based on the pictures and information provided, a decision will be made on how to proceed.

Can I cancel my order?

The short answer is no, as once a package is boxed up and dropped off at the post office it is out of my hands.  However, if you request a cancellation immediately after ordering, it might be possible to cancel.  If you choose to cancel an order after it has been shipped you may return it.  However, the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges.